How to Hide a Squarespace Page From Google & Other Search Engines

Showing up on Google isn’t always a good thing. Most of the time, our websites include extra pages – confirmation pages, test pages, duplicate pages – that we really don’t want showing up in Google search results.

Here’s how to hide those pages on your Squarespace site from Google and other search engines (hint: it doesn’t involve the “not linked” section).

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION: Hide Website Pages from Google

Hey everyone. I’m Galen from Local Creative Co. And in today’s video, we’re going to be talking about how to actually hide pages on your website from search engines like Google. But before we dive in YouTube analytics just told me that most of you who are watching this video right now have not yet subscribed to this channel. And making these videos is hard.

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Most of you who are familiar with Squarespace, probably know about the not linked section in your page navigation. You’ve got your main navigation. Maybe you’ve got a footer navigation depending on which version of Squarespace you’re using. And then you’ve got that not linked section. And you might be assuming that anything you drop in that not linked section is hidden from the internet unless you link to it directly.

The problem is all of those pages are still visible to search engines like Google. And if you’re not careful, Google can crawl those pages and show them to people in search results.

You may be thinking that the more pages you have showing up in Google, the more likely people are to find your site, but some pages really aren’t meant to be indexed. For example, thank you pages, or even your link in bio page, which I have another video here I will link here all about how to create a link in bio page on Squarespace and why you should use Squarespace instead of something like Linktree or Canva.

That’s a different video again, linked, right here. But in general, you want to make sure that you only have pages ranking in search engines that actually add value to your site and are relevant for your ideal clients.

When Google looks at your website, they’re trying to determine how valuable your site is as a whole. And if you have all these extra pages in there, sometimes test pages or duplicated pages, or thank you pages or Instagram pages that aren’t really meant for people to find on their own.

If all of those are ranking in search, they’re going to lower the overall, the average quality of all the pages on your website. So, we want to make sure we’re hiding those pages from search engines, but how do you do that?

The good news is it’s super easy. You’re going to click the gear icon next to the page that you want to hide from search results, click on SEO settings and then scroll all the way down you are going to see a little toggle there that allows you to turn off indexing for that particular page. You can do this for any page on your Squarespace website.

You can also do this for entire blogs, although you definitely don’t want to do this for your main blog. This again is really reserved for pages that are sort of extra, again, test pages, thank you pages, anything along those lines that no one should really find unless you’re linking to it directly.

So, now I challenge you to go to your website, go through your not linked section and clean up any pages that you don’t need, as well as hide any pages that you think should be hidden from search results, and that could actually help improve your overall sites search engine rankings.

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Which Website Pages You Should Hide From Google

You might assume that you want as many of your pages as possible to show up under Google search results, but that only applies to valuable pages. When Google crawls your site, they determine the average value of your website. If you have tons of unnecessary pages, that can lower your ranking.

These pages might include…

  • Test pages
  • Thank you and confirmation pages
  • Your “link in bio” page
  • Duplicate pages
  • Password-protected pages

While some of these pages do serve a purpose for your site, they hold no value for a brand new user. If you don’t want a new user landing there, let’s hide it!

How to Hide a Squarespace Page From Google

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With Squarespace, it seriously could not be easier to hide a page from Google. Here’s how!

STEP 1: Choose the pages you want to hide.

First, determine which pages you should hide from Google. These might be test pages, duplicate pages, or thank you pages. When in doubt, is that page at all valuable to a first-time user? If not, you probably want to hide it.

STEP 2: Go to page settings.

In your Squarespace dashboard, click the gear icon next to the page you want to hide. Under PAGE SETTINGS, navigate to SEO, and then scroll all the way down.

STEP 3: Hide the page.

Simply click the toggle next to HIDE PAGE FROM SEARCH RESULTS, and you’re good to go! That page is now hidden from Google.

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