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Are you a service- based business owner ready to take SEO seriously, but have no idea where to start? You know the power of Google Search, but you need a little help to tackle the algorithm (and I promise it's a lot more fun than trying to figure out Instagram).

That's where the SEO Power Hour comes in. All I need is one hour with you on Zoom to get your website on track.

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After we wrap up our call, you'll have two weeks of email support in case any questions come up. You can take everything we talked about and apply it to your business in the future.

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Bring your favorite work-day beverage and come hang with me on Zoom and let's do a deep dive into your website, make changes live together, and make a plan moving forward.

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After you sign up for your SEO Power Hour,  you'll get a link to schedule our session. Fill out the form, answer a few easy questions so I can get to know your business and prepare for our call.

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What Our SEO Consulting Clients Are Saying...

It wasn't showing up in google at ALL, so this is a big win for me. Excited to see what happens in the coming weeks!"

- Justine

"It's only been 1 week, and my website is already showing up in Google search results for my name. 

Working with Galen is easy and fun! "

- Jackie

"My online presence and Google analytics are soaring all thanks to the small changes that Galen helped us incorporate. 

As a busy business owner, I knew I needed to outsource to an expert and Galen was top of my list. She was knowledgeable, insightful and made the whole experience a breeze. It allowed me to focus on the design of my site (my favourite part!) and took the stress out of having to handle all every single aspect of website design and development, which was becoming a bit overwhelming! Very grateful for the help :)"

- Nicole

While I knew my website needed a lot of work updating my SEO, I felt overwhelmed on where to start and exactly what to do. I just needed some direction so I hired Galen's power hour. During the call, I was most impressed with how we made updates to my website for immediate action. Galen was kind and informative, plus she provided me with what to do after our call without making me feel overwhelmed. Also, I should mention that her post-call follow-up was helpful and supportive."

- Kimberly

"Galen was fantastic to work with and has helped immensely with the SEO for my site! 

"Within one week of implementing just half of her recommendations, I went from ranking 100+ on Google to 5. I mean seriously, those are some incredible results!