A web designer and business strategist for creatives. Here to help you attract your ideal clients and get found online. 

I got my start as a self-taught web designer and photographer who fell in love with simplifying the technical side of SEO. 

My brain is half creative/half nerd, I’m a HUGE dog lover and my favorite food is Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. 

I’ve built a small, but mighty team dedicated to helping me create content and show up for the community we’ve built here over the last five years.

Hey there, I'm Galen!

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I am passionate about combining design best practices with the latest marketing strategies to help business owners grow their audience and reach more of the clients they LOVE working with. 

My favorite topics to talk about include all things web design, the latest SEO trends, and marketing strategies for creatives. 

Check out my educational courses or see how we can work together to grow your business. 

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