One thing I enjoy almost as much as designing websites is working with other designers and empowering them to set boundaries, build systems, and design a business that supports their life.

I struggled for way too long and I want to help other designers skip the overwhelm and jump straight to the part where working for yourself is fun again.

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Hey there, I'm Galen!

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Notion is my project management tool that helps me keep track of what I'm working on day-to-day and the goals I have for the future. It's also where I keep my content calendar and manage tasks with my team.



Marketing is a HUGE part of any business and I use ConvertKit to send out all of my weekly emails. My favorite part about using the platform is all of the amazing reporting I have access to right inside my account.



HoneyBook is the #1 tool that helps me speed up my client processes. All of my new inquiries are automatically added to my account and I can follow up with them directly using one of my many templates.



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Full disclosure, some of the links on this page are affiliate links. I only share links to tools that I currently use and recommend personally.

When should you offer Design Days?

Design Days are great on their own or in addition to your other design services. I personally only offer Design Days and don't plan to change that anytime soon as it has been very profitable for my business. 

 They work great for projects that have a clear beginning, middle, and end. I don't recommend them for projects that require multiple team members or larger ecommerce websites.

Can you build an entire website in one Design Day?

The answer is... it depends! That's why we like to hop on a call with each client before we book the project. 

From there we will decide whether the project will need more than one Design Day to be completed successfully.