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Whether you're a business of one or you're building a team, your business is unique because of the values you hold and the culture you create with your clients.

Our custom Squarespace and Showit websites are designed to help you stand out and get found by the clients you love. We build websites that attract and convert visitors 24/7 so you can keep doing what you do best and we'll hold your hand through the entire process.

Your brand story needs to be told and a cookie-cutter website won't cut it.

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"I have booked 3 clients just from SEO and getting all the information they need from my site! I am so in love with my site!! Thank you Galen!"

- Kim, Makeup Artist & Coach

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Hey there! 

Meet Galen

I'm here to help creative small business owners, like you, build a website and business that aligns with your biggest goals. 

We’re all about simplifying systems, creating impactful marketing, and designing with purpose.

You’ll find me walking my dog Lyla, sipping a lavender latte at my favorite coffee shop, or hanging out at the barn.  


Our community of creatives dedicated to systemizing their business in the key areas of content marketing, client management, website performance. All with the goal of creating more time freedom. 

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Learn how to harness the power of SEO for your business so you can generate new leads for your business on auto-pilot. 

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Custom Squarespace + Showit website design as well as beautifully designed DIY templates to help you get your new site up and running quickly.

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Cheers to having a website that looks as good as it performs.

You have three seconds to make a first impression before someone hits that back button. Make it count.

Our designs are built to keep people on your website longer, and turn browsing visitors into paying clients. 

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